Solar Cooking Seminar. 6th March 2005; 4th March 2006 & 10th March 2007 Engineers Without Borders Energy Course at Imperial College, London. Click for full course notes


In 2006 we made parabolic cookers as detailed at, but the slightly smaller model (700 x 700 version).



In 2007 we built the SUNSTOVE as detailed at


Take two used, clean litho printing plates (1030 x 800) and mark out in accordance with the drawings at then cut with scissors and fold in the correct places. Use a piece of wood to assist in getting a sharp fold.



Fold up the outer edges first and then the inner ones.




Pop rivet the corners together to make the inner and outer boxes. Remember to have the reflective face on the inside!



Make up the outer frame on accordance with details at

Using 20mm clout nails, fix the outer case into the wooden frame.



Fit 100mm loft insulation into the enclosure.



Fit the inner case with clout nails, then paint the base black, and finally secure the acrylic sheet and stops to hold it in place.



Place outside on a sunny day and cook your food.